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Golden Years Homestead, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Golden Years Homestead, a faith-based, non-profit retirement community, is looking for individuals who have a compassionate heart and a desire to work for an organization whose mission is to serve our senior population.

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CNA Life

Showing courtesy, kindness, grace, mercy, patience and love for all.

Start your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant with us! You can look forward to enriching the lives of others by virtue of your compassion and responsiveness to help those with medical needs. A CNA is a vital asset to our caring community.

As CNA you would provide high quality daily care to our residents. This includes bathing, dressing, feeding, taking and recording vital signs, as well as helping residents with activities of daily living.

Employment Opportunities

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Here’s what our staff has to say.

Gina Gehl, Recreational Services Supervisor

“I love working with the residents! They appreciate all we do so it’s rewarding for me to make their day brighter. It’s a lot of fun.”


Recreational Services Supervisor

Regina Jackson, LPN

“I like the relaxing environment with a professional team. We can be open and honest with each other. We have a good time with each other but still get the job done for our residents.”


Licensed Practical Nurse

Krissy Edwards, LPN

“My coworkers are strong, determined, compassionate, and fun to be around. It’s important to like the people you work with and I do!”


Licensed Practical Nurse