About Us

Work, here.
For the best of your life.
Our Mission
Golden Years Homestead is an organization that exists for the purpose of meeting the physical, medical, social, financial, and spiritual needs of the elderly population within the long-term care environment. The operation, through the assistance of Christian directors, administrator, and staff will provide high-quality care and promote the best interest of each person residing within the facility regardless of race, religion or creed or the financial ability to pay for the service.

Greencroft – leading with CROFT values

CROFT values
Pursuing innovative solutions, creative ideas and ongoing improvement.
CROFT values
Showing courtesy, kindness, grace, mercy, patience and love for all.
CROFT values
Embracing our differences, listening to others’ points of view.
CROFT values
Responding with careful consideration for all.
CROFT values
Working together to create memorable experiences — making this the best place to live and work.

Here’s what our staff and residents have to say.
Ra’Shay Wright – CNA
“We dance and sing with the residents all day long.
We love to joke around.
The atmosphere here is alive with laughter and fun all day long.”
Certified Nursing Assistant
Doug and Kay Holly – Independent Living Residents
“We came here because we were first employees and we chose to stay because we love it here.”
Doug and Kay
Independent Living Residents
Melanie Garvin – QMA
“[Golden Years] has given me career opportunities to move from a CNA to a QMA which made a big difference to me. Now, I’m in school to be a Nurse. They make it easy for me to work and go to school.”
Qualified Medication Aid